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Welcome To 3 Leaf Coffee!

We have coffee trees from Kona Hawaii and Australia. Started from seeds December of 2004.

Some plants are a dark shiny green which I find grow best under lower light conditions and grow well with artificial light. Some plants are a lighter shade of dark green and grow best with more intense light and less apt to suffer from sunburn.

Plants should be expected to blossom (a dainty slender white bloom) in two to three years, if provided a good growing environment.

Coffee Bloom 

Plants may be placed outdoors during the warmer days in summer. A good rule to follow is to keep above 65 degrees, especially when in bloom.

Having a coffee plant growing in the office or home can be quite a conversation piece, and these plants are very enjoyable to look at.  My wife would strongly discourage anyone from raising hundreds at a time.

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3 Leaf Coffee has been featured in the Kitsap Sun on May 23rd!

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See photos from our greenhouse. Coming soon!

Need a Botanist
I'm currently looking for a local botanist who would be willing to answer some questions and offer some advice. As these plants mature, I’m having a difficult time distinguishing the two. Please contact me for details.

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On 15 February, 2007, 3 Leaf Coffee was featured in the Kitsap Sun. Click here to read the article.